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Advance Diploma in .NET Technology

Dot Net is a popular programming language that is used by several programmers world over. DOT NET is an object-oriented language which is highly secured and portable. There is immense scope in Dot Net Programming as many employers are hunting for Dot Net Programmers. As the world is getting more and more digitized, demand for Microsoft Dot Net programmers is rising tremendously! 

Microsoft .NET is a very popular programming language that provides everything required to develop and deploy web service-based IT Architecture Development.

Several job opportunities are available in .Net in top companies like Honeywell, Sony, GlaxoSmithKline, HCL, Capgemini, Tech Mahindra, JP Morgan Chase, Cognizant, Accenture, Wipro, Sapient, Technosoft global, etc.


course contents


                                      Course Contents   Duration       
   1                Logic Building & Effective Problem Solving   1 Year     
    Introduction to Programming Concepts      
    Representing Programming Logic using Flowcharts      
    Representing Programming Logic using Pseudocode      
    Understanding Iterations and Modular Programming      
    Working with large Volumes of data      
  2                   Object Oriented Programming Using C#      
    Introduction to .NET Framework      
    Introduction to the Object-Oriented Approach      
    Creating Objects      
    Operators and Programming Constructs      
    Encapsulation and Abstraction      
    Creating Value Types and Reference Types      
    Constructors and Destructors      
    File Input and Output      
    Exception Handling      
    Creating Multithreaded Applications      
    Delegates and Events      
    Attributes and Reflection      
  3 Devloping Rich Interactive Application using WPF and Silverlight
    Introducing Next Generation Applications      
    Exploring XAML      
    Handling Events      
    Enhancing the User Interface      
    working with High Resolution Imageries      
    Customizing User Controls      
    Adding Animations      
    Audio/Video Streaming and Encodings      
    Managing Data      
    Server- Side Implementation      
    Implementing Advanced Concepts      
    Implementing DLR Languages      
    Implementing Testing      
    Developing XBAP Applications      
  4     Developing Web Application Using ASP.Net MVC      
    Introduction to Microsoft .Net FrameWork      
      Introduction to ASP.Net      
    Working with Web Server Controls      
    Introducing Styles, Themes, and Master Pages      
    Navigating Websites      
    Managing State in Web Applications      
    Working with Data      
    Manipulating Data Using LINQ      
    Implementing Error Handling and Debugging      
    Enhancing Web Applications by Using Web Parts      
    Creating Rich Internet Applications Using AJAX      
    Implementing Internationalization and Accessibility      
    Securing Web Applications      
    Deploying an ASP.NET Application      
    Tracing and Monitoring Web Applications      
    Introduction to Web Application Development using ASP.NET MVC    
    Working with Controllers and Views      
    Working with Models and Helper Methods      
    Entity Framework      
  5     Windows Communication Foundation      
    Identify Distributed  Application Architecture      
    Identify COM+ Service Components &  Applications      
    Working with .Net Remoting      
    Working with Web Services      
    Identify WCF       
    Implement Exception Handling & Tracing      
    Log Message and Monitor WCF Service      
    Implementing Serialization and encoding      
    Implement Transactions in WCF      
    Working with Peer-to-Peer Applications      
    Implementing Security      
    Extending the Service Model Layer and Messaging Layer      
  6            Web Designing Using  HTML5      
    Getting Started with HTML      
    Enhancing Web Pages      
    Working with Tables and Frames      
    Adding Interactivity to Web Pages      
    Creating Dynamic Web Pages      
    Working with Graphics      
    Adding Visual Effects to Web Pages      
    Introducing Geolocation and Offline Support for Data      
  7                 Querying Data Using Microsoft Sql Server 2014      
    Introduction to RDBMS      
    Overview of SQL Server      
    Querying Data      
    Querying Data by Using Joins and Subqueries      
    Managing Databases and Tables      
    Manipulating Data in Tables      
    Implementing Indexes, Views, and Full-Text Search      
     Implementing Stored Procedures and Functions      
    Working with Triggers and Transactions      
    Implementing Managed Code      
     Monitoring and Optimizing Performance      




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