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ITDESK is the best BigData Hadoop training institute in Jaipur. ITDESK offers the advance level training on BigData like HDFS, MapReduce, PIG, Flume, Spark etc. BigData Hadoop is a framework for storing and processing large voluminous of data in different formats. ITDESK offers the 100% placement assistance. We include live projects with training like e-commerce, banking etc.

Course Modules

Module - I

Introduction to RDBMS

Working with ER Diagrams and Data Models

Working with SQL


Module - II

Aggregate Functions

String Functions

Date Functions

Group by

Order by


Module -III

Backup of Tables

Backup of Entire Databases

Fragmented Resources

Database Engine Architecture

Capacity Planning

Data Storage

Module - IV 

Working with Hadoop Architecture

Hadoop Distributed File System

Module - V

Introduction to HDFS

HDFS Architecture

Importing Data into HDFS

Module - VI 

Checking HDFS Status

Adding and Removing Cluster Nodes

Copying Data between Cluster

Module - VII

Introduction to Sqoop

Server installation

Upgrading Server

Introduction to Apache Flume

Data Management using Flume


Introduction to Data Warehouse

Installing and working with Hive

Introduction to PIG

Apache Pig Architeccture

Pig Latin basics


Adding and removing cluster nodes

Copying data with Distcopy

Module - IX

Understanding the Process

Backing up

Live Project

Online inquiry