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C & C++

C is a basic programming language. It is used to create computer programs. IT DESK is the best training institute in Jaipur for C programming. C is used to develop the Console Application.
IT DESK provides the practical based learning. IT DESK covers the all advanced level topics in C.
IT DESK has a corporate tie-up in C programming with Colleges and Universities in all over India. IT DESK has franchises in 12 states
Course Modules

Introduction to C

Working with Operators and Formatted I/O Function

Using Arrays


Working With Functions

File Input-Output

Working With Files Using Structures

Low-Level Input & Output


C++ Programming

C++ is an Object Oriented Programming language.ITDESK provides hands-on experience on C++. We cover all the concepts of Object oriented Programming.C++ overcome the the limitations of C language. ITDESK is the place where student can get up to date study material like books, exercise books , demo papers on student panel. Students can enroll for free demo classes for C & C++ training in Jaipur.


Course Modules

Introduction to Object-Oriented Approach

Creating Objects

Encapsulation and Abstraction

Operators and Decision-Making Constructs

More About Arrays

More About Functions

Constructors and Destructors



Dynamic Polymorphism

Multiple Inheritance

File Input and Output

Linked Lists



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