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Data Structure And Algorithms

 While writing program we create data type to store the data. When we declare the data type it is clearly define what kind of data we have to store. Same as in Data Structure & Algorithm we use the different-different data structures to store the data like Stack, Queue, Linked List, Graphs etc. IT DESK is the best Data Structure & Algorithm training institute in Jaipur. Algorithm is a step by step procedure to solve the problem. ITDESK provides the depth practical based training in Data Structure & Algorithm.

Course Modules

Introduction to Data Structure and Algorithm

Techniques for designing a algorithm

Sorting Data using Bubble Sort ,Insertion Sort

Quick Sort, Merge Sort ,Heap Sort

Working on Linear Search and Binary Search

Recursion and Hashing

Working with Linked Lists

Singly ,Doubly and Circular

Working with Stack and Queue

Working with Trees

Binary Tree

Binary Search Tree

Working with Graphs

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