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IOT (Internet Of Things) Coure Training

IOT stands for Internet of things. ITDESK is the best training institute in IOT. IOT is a network of devices which is used to accumulate, sense and transfer data over internet without any human invention. Using IOT we can controlled and monitor devices from different remote locations. For example automatic door open in malls, Home Automation etc

IOT Course Moudules

Module - I

Introduction to the IOT (Internet of Things)

IOT Protocols

Different cases of Interactions

Basics of Python Programming

Command Window & Script Window

Conditional Statements, Looping

Getting Started with Raspberry Pi

Hardware Analysis

Module - II

Networking Concepts

OSI Model

Bridge Connections, Port Forwarding

Working with Electronics

Interfacing of I/O devices

Seven Segment Display

Sensors Interfacing

RFID Cards (Accessibility)

Module - III

Importing & Using Libraries

Raspberry Pi Library (RPI, GPIO)

Introduction to Pins, Changing Contrast

Led Puzzles

Synchronizing Sensors

Controlling through Android App

Connecting using IP Address

Getting started with Thingspeak

Module - IV

Home Automation

Smart Vending Machine


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