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JavaScript is a client-side scripting language basically we use javascript to provide validation on client-side. ITDESK is one of the best javascript training institute in jaipur.

Course Modules

Introduction to JavaScript

Identifying the benifiets of Javascript

Using Variables, Operators, and Control Structures

Javascript Objects

Javascript Browser Objects

Creating Dynamic Web Pages

Javascript Document Object Model

Java Script Events and Validation 


ITDESK offers NODE JS training in Jaipur according corporates standards.NodeJS is an open source environment that execute on different platforms like Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac etc. Node JS is basically used to develop server-side and networking applications.

 Node JS Modules

Introduction to NodeJs

NodeJs Basics

Callback Patterns


Error Handling

File System

NodeJs Express Framework

Socket IO

Working with Database

Working with Project


Angular JS 

AngularJS is an open source web application frameworks which is used to develop single page applications. ITDESK provides the advanced level training on AngularJs framework.

AngularJS Modules

Introduction to AngularJs

Built-In Directives, Filters and Events


Data Binding


Modules & Events

JS Forms and Validation

Single Page Application


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