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ORACLE 11g Module 2


Course Contents


                                                       Course Contents    Hours   
  1   Introduction to PL/SQL  52Hours  
  2   Declaring PL/SQL Variables    
  3   Writing Executable Statements    
  4   Interacting with Oracle Database Server: SQL Statements in PL/SQL Programs    
  5   Writing Control Structures    
  6   Working with Composite Data Types    
  7   Using Explicit Cursors    
  8   Handling Exceptions    
  9    Introducing Stored Procedures and Functions    
 10    Creating Functions and Debugging Subprograms    
  11   Creating Packages    
  12   Using Oracle- Supplied Packages in Application Development    
  13   Using Dynamic SQL    
  14   Design Considerations for PL/SQL Code    
  15   Creating Compound, DDL, and Event Database Triggers    
  16   Using the PL/SQL Compiler    
  17   Managing PL/SQL Code    
  18   Managing Dependencies    


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