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IT Desk is one of the best PHP training institute in Jaipur. We provide live project based training by our expert faculty. Our modules are design and developed to cover all the minor and major concepts of PHP including Frameworks according to the current demand in market.
In our course module we cover HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, Bootstrap, and Database & Complete PHP with OOPS Concept including books and e-books. We are working in PHP Training as well as Development.
Our main moto is to make student employable. In our PHP training module we cover two projects for student one minor and one major project. We provide 100% placement assistance to students only when student submit their Live Project after completion training.
IT Desk is ISO (International Standard Organization) certified company for PHP training course and certifications.
What Student learn in Training:
  • Design & Develop the Website
  • Database Management of website
  • Purchase Domain & Website Deployment 
Course Modules:
Module - I
Working with RDBMS
Working with MYSQL
Module -II
Introducing the Web Architecture

Application Areas of PHP

Working with PHP Runtime Configuration

Implementing Operators

Using Built–in Functions

Retrieving Form Data

Using String Functions

Working with File I/O

Managing State Using Query Strings

Managing State Using Cookies

Identifying Techniques to Enhance Web Application Performance

Identifying Mail Protocols

Exploring the Concept of Encapsulation

Exploring the Concept of Inheritance

Exploring the Concept of Polymorphism

Designing Classes & Objects

Implementing Object Oriented Features

Handling Errors

Managing Data Using MySQL API

Debugging PHP Applications

Implementing AJAX


Module - III 
CMS - Wordpress                                                          


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