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Dynamic Web Application& Web Development using MySQL & PHP

PHP is easy & favorite programming language for web developers and stands for Hypertext Preprocesser. Its a server side scripting language , compiled on web server and generate dynamic HTML response which displayed on Client browser.PHP code is secure and can not be viewed from browser like java script.

Our trainers of PHP share knowledge through simple examples and ultimate guidance on fundamentals. Our Syllabus cover all basic and advance tools and reference materials which improve your skills as per IT standards. Every topic of each chapter has been explained practically. Training certificate has been issued to students after Live Project Completion and placement support will given to each student for better career achievement.

Course Contents


               Course Contents     DataBase            Hours
  1   Introducing  the Web Architecture  RDBMS/MYSQL          78Hours
  2   Application Areas of PHP    
  3   Working with PHP Runtime Configuration    
  4   Implementing Operators    
  5   Using Built–in Functions    
  6   Retrieving Form Data    
  7   Using String Functions    
  8   Working with File I/O    
  9   Managing State Using Query Strings    
 10   Managing State Using Cookies    
 11  Identifying Techniques to Enhance Web   Application Performance    
  12   Identifying Mail Protocols    
  13   Exploring the Concept of Encapsulation    
  14   Exploring the Concept of Inheritance    
  15   Exploring the Concept of Polymorphism    
  16  Designing Classes & Objects    
  17   Implementing Object Oriented Features    
  18   Handling Errors    
  19   Managing Data Using MySQL API    
  20   Debugging PHP Applications    
  21   Implementing AJAX    




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