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PLC Scada course Training in Jaipur India


PLC – Programmable Logic Controllers: PLC is the controller or hardware in which the program logic is given and inputs and outputs are connected.  


SCADA – Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition: SCADA is the Software which takes the signal from PLC and shows them on a screen visually. It helps to monitor the complete plant from one location.
Course Modules
Basics of Electronics
Input & Output
Control Systems
Wires & Cables
Networks & Protocols
Circuit Theory Basics
Circuit Elements
Field Devices –Sensors &Transducer
Relay Logics &Logic Gates
Hardwiring Techniques
PLC Intro(Harwdare|Software)
Automation System Requirements
Sourcing & Sinking Concepts
PLC Scan Cycle
PLC Programming & Logic Development

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